Hi, I'm Chloé

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In 2018, I took it upon myself to quit my side hustle job, teach myself everything I know about tattooing, and begin a deeply transformational and integrative personal development journey in order to heal myself as a person, artist, and woman.

My journey as a creative started in 2013. After getting my BFA in printmaking, dark room photography, and ceramics, I began life as an entrepreneur running my business as a working artist.

Between 2013 - 2018, I took on any project that fit into my wheel house — from murals to wedding photography, illustration projects to gallery shows, I was dedicated to making my career as an artist stick. And I was doing all this while working side jobs to pay the bills. I waited tables, worked in a kitchen, and landed a job at an art consulting firm. 

In the process, I nurtured hopes and dreams, grew a clientele, learned a ton, and slowly cultivated a hustle mentality — “grind, grind grind, LFG, juggle everything, gotta make it work” was my vibe. Within the hustle, I was visited by limiting beliefs and fears...
  • “Will I ever make enough money as an artist?”
  • “Will I always need to hustle and have a second job?”
  • “Is my work good enough?”
  • “I need to sweat and grind for this to work.”

These thoughts began to culminate into a void I could feel in my heart at the same time that I was feeling deeply unhappy at my art consulting job. The 9-5 office job just wasn’t for me and it crushed my soul on a daily basis. 

And this is when it all began to change —

In the light of my misalignment, fear, and pain, the universe began to nudge me in a new direction. I got hired to do the illustrations for a book on witchcraft, shared those designs, and from there, I began to get commissions for tattoo designs that my ___ would take to a tattooer willing to tattoo my art.

I was deeply touched that people were wanting to get my art tattooed on them and slowly started to consider the possibility of myself as a tattooer. The desire to connect with my clients and hold a mindful space within the industry pushed me to begin seeking an apprenticeship.

I was met with a lot of closed doors and my own imposter syndrome:
  • “Will I ever make enough money as an artist or will I always need to have a second job?"
  • "Am I even cool enough, good enough, talented enough to pursue this career?" 
  • "I need to sweat, grind, and hustle for this to work.”
  • “Can I actually do this?”

The magical part of this timing is that right as I began to manifest my career as a tattoo artist, despite being met with resistance and rejection, I attended my first women’s retreat and began the deeply profound, completely life changing personal development journey that I still find myself on to this day. 

despite the limiting beliefs and the closed doors, an inner-voice I couldn't ignore called me forward. I listened and I taught myself how to tattoo, opened my own shop, and commiTted to the life-long journey of taking personal responsibility for my liFe experience.

And that brings us to Today, where my mission is to show and teach artists and dreamers like you that anything is possible for you, too.

check out my work here

And here I am, 5 years later, combining my greatest joys on earth: tattooing, teaching, and empowering others to live in their greatest alignment.

Hello dreamer, my name is Chloé — owner of a celebrated tattoo shop, MADÉ Tattoo & Mercantile, founder of the Mindful Tattoo Collective, and host of the Ripple Effect Retreats — and I am here to show you that anything is possible if you choose it. 

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, where every step choice is a testament to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

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