a 12-week course in fine-line tattooing, client care, and STARTING YOUR BUSINESS

The Mindful Tattoo Collective

The Mindful Tattoo Collective (MTC) is a foundations fine-line tattooing and business management course for creatives looking to dive into their career as a professional tattooer. Taught by Chloé Jane Besson, owner of and tattooer at MADÉ, this 12-week course provides students all of the tools and techniques they need to learn how to tattoo, establish their clientele, start their business, and build their career. 

Taught in a community-based, online environment, The Mindful Tattoo Collective strives to cultivate a group of tattoo graduates who can step into the industry with intention, care, and awareness as their priorities. The Winter Cohort is under way — please join our waitlist to receive information on our next Cohort!

Receive everything you need to start your career as an impact-aware tattooer

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— SHYLO r (Summer 2023 cohort)

"There was so much information, history, emphasis on sanitation, constructive feedback, and teaching to have respect for the industry. Chloé was incredibly present, transparent, and honest. Not only do I know where I am at and a general timeline of when I could be taking clients, I also know how and where to start. Overall, I could not recommend this course enough and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity."

"This course absolutely changed the trajectory of my life."

  • You are committed to launching your career in fine-line tattooing
  • You value community, growth, and client care within your practice
  • You are passionate about running your own business 
  • You are at a beginner level and eager to learn
  • You want to make a conscious and positive impact within the industry 
  • You need clarity on where and how to start and grow your own business

the MTC is for you if...

  • In-depth introduction to: supplies, students, support team, and course syllabus
  • How to build out your studio & practice — supplies, station setup and breakdown
  • Machine assembly, needles & cartridge instruction, stenciling, and software
  • Step-by-step instructions on learning to tattoo with a fine-line emphasis
  • Licensing by county, hygiene, skin science, and sanitation requirements & guidelines
  • Business creation and management — LLC, licensing, taxes, and bookkeeping
  • How to setup your booking submission process and scheduling
  • Marketing 101
  • Client acquisition & communication
  • Boundary setting and upholding
  • Trauma's manifestation in the body

what does the syllabus cover?

  • 11 x 2 hour weekly live zoom calls with your instructor, Chloé
  • In-person, hands-on learning event at MADÉ (tuition does not include travel & accommodations to and from event)
  • Guest speakers: tattooers (shading, color work, and fine-line), CPA & Bookkeeper, and Subconscious Integrative Coach
  • Course platform where you have exclusive access to all learning documents and content shared in course — powerpoints, helpful PDFs, video content, and homework 
  • A community space and support system of like-minded individuals
  • A private channel to interact with students and your support team
  • You’ll leave with what you need, no matter what style of tattooing you're practicing

what's included in the 12 weeks?


"Consider doing this course if you are needing someone to gently, but firmly, hold you steady and work to pull back the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, and show you a world full of possibilities, self love, and pure bliss."

— LARA V (Summer 2023 cohort)

"I am forever changed and so deeply grateful for this opportunity."

Paid in full upon receiving acceptance letter. 


one-time payment of


Paid monthly over 4 months. First payment due upon receiving acceptance letter.


FOUR payments of


  • If you are applying, you are ready to make this investment if and when accepted.
  • Tuition is non-refundable.
  • Payments are made through Stripe via credit card.
  • Tattoo supplies — you are expected to purchase your own supplies
  • Travel to and from Denver, CO for the in-person event
  • Accommodations for the in-person event


Estimate spend on in-person event: $700 - $1,000
  • The in-person event will be absolutely key to the integration of what will be taught in the course into your practice.
  • The in-person event will include an opportunity to practice live tattooing while receiving live teaching, practice station setup/breakdown, shadow Chloé while she tattoos, first-hand shop tour and experience, and community connection time.
  • There are 2 in-person events to accommodate a more intimate group learning setting. You will have the opportunity to watch Chloé tattoo should you choose to extend your stay.

Estimated spend on supplies: $3,000 - $6,000
  • Please note you will get access to an in-depth introduction video and document about all supplies needed for an entire tattoo station setup.
  • Keep your receipts and keep write offs in mind. We will discuss bookkeeping and write offs in detail in the course.


Mikayla E

"The Mindful Tattoo Collective is not just a course but an incredible learning environment and a positive and uplifting community of peers. I’m walking away from this course with necessary tools for launching my career and an amazing group of friends to support and help me through it. Chloé is such a sweet, inspiring, and impactful instructor. She is so knowledgeable and dedicated to this course and each one of her students. This course is definitely the start of a huge turning point in my life and I can’t wait to continue get better and get started in a career that I know I will love and get to share that love and happiness with others."

Evie G

"Connecting with other artists at a similar point in their journey was the most amazing thing I could have imagined for myself. I have been battling the “hustle”, productive, capitalistic American mindset for my entire adult life, and that has led me to repeatedly turn away from creating. I feel so empowered by this class, these people, and this instructor, Chloé. I’m more inspired and ready than ever to dive head first into my creativity, which has always been my favorite part of myself. Because of this class, I quit my job and am taking the plunge into my secret (not so secret anymore) dream of tattooing! Cannot thank you, Chloé, enough."

kyle s

Chloé is an amazing resource both for sharing technical information and gaining access to a supportive and engaged community of artists. The course meets artists where they are and effectively provides tools to help them move forward on their journeys. As an artist, Chloé is establishing a new norm for what it means to operate in the tattoo industry — one that is supportive, respectful, inclusive, and welcoming. All these values shine through clearly in the work she does with the MTC. She makes a concerted effort to be available to all students and helps them build their practice according to each of their specific and differing needs. For me personally, this course helped establish stringent modern safety and sanitation standards to ensure the health and well-being of my clients, it provided reference-able and easy to digest technical information including video how-to, supply lists, business development tools, and Power Points, and most importantly, allowed me to access a group of artists that normalized going about the tattoo learning process in a safe, albeit non-traditional way. Beyond this, I feel as though there was an intangible benefit to being a member of this really special community that has given me a huge boost in morale and encouraged me to advance my tattoo business to the professional level. After the course, artists are still very much engaged in one another lives and careers, which I think stands as a testament to the community building Chloé facilitated with us. This being a non-traditional learning path, there is an important degree of personal responsibility and self-motivation required to segue participation in the MTC into a tattooing career, however, leaving the course, I felt prepared to independently undertake the next steps. I would highly recommend this course to anyone forging their path towards being an inclusive, modern, and professional tattoo artist.

Emmaline H

"This class helped me grow my confidence in my ability to positively affect both others and myself through tattooing. I now feel equipped to start a strong practice routine and have the skills to set up my studio once I feel ready to tattoo on skin! Chloé is kind, passionate, and educated and attracts a wonderful community of artists and collaborators."

Ariel L

"I think the most impactful part of this course was finding a community of likeminded creatives who all are passionate to learn about tattooing and all have similar experiences with the barrier of entry within the industry. I was floored by the talent and the genuine connections we were making in such a short amount of time and was so inspired by the dedication of all of the other students. Simply being a part of the collective was incredibly impactful and meaningful."


After months of trying to lock in an apprenticeship and being met with many closed doors, I decided to take it upon myself to learn the beautiful tradition of tattooing.

The reason I created the Mindful Tattoo Collective was because I wished I had something like this course when I was learning and navigating. 

Being self-taught was a difficult, discouraging, and daunting journey, and after learning and experiencing what I have, I hope to make the path more easeful, informative, and community-based for artists to come. 

After designing a handful of commission pieces, I couldn’t stop thinking about how special it was that people were getting my work tattooed on them and how grateful I felt for their trust. From there, I quickly realized that if my clients were going to continue to get my work tattooed on them, I wanted to be the one to hold that intimate space and give them the tattoos myself.

The desire to connect more deeply with my clients combined with my restlessness at my day job led me to seriously consider how I could start a career in tattooing. Despite having confidence in my ability as an artist and my, then, 7 year art career, my first thoughts were: “I am not talented enough, cool or confident enough to be a tattooer. No way. Where would I even begin?”

From a young age, I held dear the belief that art and work, work and the pursuit of passion could coexist to create a fulfilling career. The fire in me could not accept anything less than following my dreams and aspirations. My love for art, commitment to my clients and creating a safe and comfortable space within the industry, and desire to run my own business forced me to move forward. I took the leap. 

Hi, I’m Chloé and I’m so glad you’re here.

My story starts with a BFA in lithography and dark room photography. Before I became a tattooer, I was 7 years into my career as a working artist juggling whatever freelance jobs I could get my hands on. From gallery showings to product and wedding photography, from illustration projects to mural commissions, I was taking on whatever I could to make art a full-time job.

In 2019, I was hired by a publishing company to create illustrations for a book on witchcraft, cover and all. As I worked on the project, I shared my illustrations with the small following I had slowly cultivated as a fine artist. One thing led to another and as people were loving the fine-line illustrations, I started getting commissioned to design tattoos for clients to take to a tattooer of their choosing.

Meet Chloé, Your Instructor


"Being self-taught was a difficult, discouraging, and daunting journey, and after learning and experiencing what I have, I hope to make the path more easeful, informative, and community-based for artists to come."

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