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We are merging fine-line tattooing, personal development, and
6-figure business management to create a comprehensive way of learning in the body art industry.


our approach

She's the first of her kind and we are inviting you to be a part of it

• Online student portal where all course materials and class recordings will be shared and accessed for student use throughout the course 
• Assignments and weekly homework to support the learning process
• Community space for students to interact and share progress
• Accountability through group learning 
• Access to entire graduate community upon course conclusion

Interactive Course Platform

• Understanding trauma’s manifestation in the body and brain
• Managing and booking clients in a seamless, "non-burnout" type of way
• Space holding and communication styles — energetic and physical awareness around how to best interact with your clients while upholding your boundaries
• Knowing the difference between rescuing and supporting 
• Self-care practices and mitigating burnout


• Breath-work and awareness practices 
• Understanding and regulating your nervous system
• Boundary setting and upholding
• Communication strategy for business owners and space holders
• Imposter syndrome and how to beat it 
• Human Design — understanding what it is and how it pertains to your business

Embodiment, Personal Development, & Self-Care

• Understand licensing and health code standards based on your location (city, state & county)
• Sanitation requirements & standards
• Receive & dive into all necessary legal documentation and consent forms
• Get to know your state's health department
• Teachings on starting your own shop vs. working in a shop vs. guesting

Licensing & All Those Confusing Things

• 6-figure business creation & management — LLC, licensing, taxes, bookkeeping, and smooth back-end development 
• Booking submission management and client scheduling
• How to price your tattoos, commissions, booth fees, and guesting standards
• Marketing strategy and implementation
• Client acquisition and communications
• Shifting limiting beliefs around money to support financial success

Money Talk, Business Management, & Marketing

• Step-by-step instructions on how to tattoo with a fine-line emphasis
• In-depth breakdown of all supplies, machine assembly, needles and cartridge instruction, and stenciling
• How to build out your station, studio, and practice
• Understanding and abiding by hygiene, licensing, and sanitary standards
• Introduction to Procreate, Brothers App, and tattoo industry digital tools


What is the Mindful Tattoo Collective?

• Learn to be a big "f no" to imposter syndrome 
• Fully step into your creative agency and abilities
• Create space for and prioritize your artistic process 
• Step into making art AND money
• Shift your belief systems to best support your alignment, potential, and growth  
• Understand industry red-flags to mitigate burn-out and insecurities 

Reclaim Your Creativity

of the Mindful Tattoo Collective

the pillars

The Mindful Tattoo Collective (MTC) is a 14-week course that covers the foundations of fine-line tattooing, 6-figure business management, mindful entrepreneurship, and trauma-informed client care.

This course is for creatives looking to dive into their career as a professional tattooer but don't know where to start and are eager to not only learn how to tattoo, but to also find themselves as an artist and business owner. Here's an overview of what the course covers — 

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• Level-headed abundance mindset over scarcity blocks.
• How to empower themselves to be a f*ck yes to their own success. 
• Financial freedom for the working artist. 
• How to bring money out of the shadows and into conscious conversation in order to run your business with clarity and intention.

So long as you show up to this course with an open mind, a willingness to learn, grow, and practice, practice, practice, we guarantee the success of your career. There is no reason you can't become a  successful tattooer — it just takes dedication, effort, and intention.

And it just so happens that the career you are wanting to pursue is part of a multi-billion dollar industry. We understand that no, money is not everything. AND, we have full approval for abundant money mindsets alongside the desire to be a successful working artist AND make bank while doing so.

In the Mindful Tattoo Collective, we teach our students —

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Enrollment & Course Call Times

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Enrollment & important dates

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○ weekly Course calls are Tuesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm MT

In 2018, I took it upon myself to quit my side hustle job, teach myself everything I know about tattooing, and begin a deeply transformational and integrative personal journey in order to heal myself as a person, artist, and woman.

My journey as a creative started in 2013. After getting my BFA in printmaking, dark room photography, and ceramics, I began life as an entrepreneur running my business as a working artist.

Between 2013 - 2018, I took on any project that fit into my wheel house —  I was dedicated to making my career as an artist stick — while working side jobs to pay the bills.

In the process, I nurtured hopes and dreams, grew a clientele, learned a ton, and slowly cultivated a hustle mentality — “grind, grind grind, LFG, juggle everything, gotta make it work” was my vibe. Within the hustle, I was visited by limiting beliefs and fears...

Hi, I’m Chloé — 

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Meet Chloé

Hear how the story goes

Your Instructor

⁘ SELF-TAUGHT TATTOO artist & entrepreneur 
⁘ owner of a Denver based tattoo shop, MADÉ Tattoo
⁘ Founder of the Mindful Tattoo Collective
⁘ and a dreamer just like you

⁘ 2/4 Manifesting Generator
⁘ Leo Sun, Aries Moon, Aquarius Rising 
⁘ Born in France, raised between Paris & Chicago
⁘ Moved to Denver in 2010
⁘ My knees go weak for spacial design, good furniture, aesthetics and drippy fashion
⁘ When I grow up, I want to be an interior designer and a communications coach for high-level businesses and CEOs




⁘ Taking personal responsibility for my life experience
⁘ Showing people that the gates standing between them and their dreams are an illusion
⁘ Spirituality  and the world of somatic and subconscious healing
⁘ Teaching and creating
⁘ Living alcohol free
⁘ A crispy fine-line tattoo
⁘ Dancing naked

⁘ Hustle culture and burn out
⁘ Gate keeping
⁘ Staying stuck in old patterns
⁘ Complacency 
⁘ Letting my past dictate my future
⁘ Blaming my struggles on my environment 
⁘ Sh*t talking
⁘ Missing out on the present moment

 ⁘                  ⁘                     ⁘                     ⁘                     ⁘

Guest Teachers

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AREA OF GENIUS: Small business finances, bookkeeping, taxes, retirement and credit cards

Accountant & CPA / Money Queen

Ashley DesJardins

AREA OF GENIUS: Founder of Subconscious Integrative Therapy, co-author of ‘WTF is Human Design

Human Design Facilitator

Elli Richter

AREA OF GENIUS: supporting clients in transforming their feelings of pain, sadness, and suffering into power, confidence, and resilience. 

 Trauma, Relationships, & Personal Transformation 

Erica laskin M.S.W., LSW

If you hadn't noticed already, we are all about community learning and the sharing of knowledge, which is why we include a badass series of speakers who are here to offer their area of genius in support of your growth.

We'd like to say we believe in opening gates rather than keeping them closed, but the truth is, we are of the mindset that there are no gates to begin with.

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